Empty cache on iPhone

Emptying the cache on the iPhone: How does that work?

If you're having trouble using the Safari browser on your iPhone, clearing your cache can help. Emptying the cache regularly makes slow iPhones faster again. It also frees up valuable storage space. Which cache needs to be cleared also depends on the apps used.

That's how you clear the Safari browser cache on your iPhone:

  1. Select Safari from the iPhone Settings menu.
  2. Lower the slider all the way to off and wait a few moments for it to save.
  3. Restart Safari and try to log in again.
  4. Now try returning to a previous state.

Thats how to clear the browser cache on your iPhone in Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox and tap the button in the upper right hand corner to access your Tools.
  2. Tap Clear Recent History and tap Cache and then History. Refresh Firefox.
  3. The screen may show that you need to "refresh" your recent history again even though you already did so. If so, refresh it again from the Tools menu in Firefox.
  4. Try searching for another site and see if this fixes any problems you're having with the browser afterwards.

Thats how to clear the browser cache on your iPhone in Chrome:

  1. Open up Chrome on your iPhone and tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen to access your menu.
  2. Tap More Tools, and then tap Clear browsing data, then tap Clear Browsing Data.
  3. Tap both "Clear Cookies" and "Empty Cache". Refresh Chrome.
  4. Try searching for another website and see if you can successfully load it.

Remove cache directly from Apple iPhone up to series 8 and iPhone X

  1. On the iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Storage and tap on "Clear Storage" button.
  2. In the next screen, tap the "All" button to clear all cached content from your iPhone. It will take longer time when you have installed a lot of apps or games.
  3. Now restart your phone if you know it is needed
  4. If after clearing cache problem still persist then follow below steps-
  5. Go to settings -> security -> locate profile, select profile and disable sync from here for web browsing (not recommended for game play).
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